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Limited government by choice not by chance

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TVA management inadequate
Open Letter to Congress
TVA "bribes in lieu of ta
Declaration of Independen
Who's looking at TVA?
TVA grid questioned
TVA's Green Power Switch
Hot under the collar
TVA for sale cheap?
TVA - a billion here, the
TVA - when is a sale not
TVA-selective ogre and la
TVA - fuzzing with the nu
TVA has no 'trust fund',
TVA - how green was our V
Dissolve TVA now
TVA's season should end w
TVA's CEO quits
TVA found negligent in Ki
TVA Kingston ruling
TVA - how near is dissolu
Secrecy at TVA
Spent nuclear fuel - unab
TVA - a cruel fuel adjust
TVA - it's not new
TVA milking funds from dr
TVA - will the Green Powe
Whence the grid?
Did TVA meet Sunshine Act
TVA subsidizes STEM-winde
TVA - why the board langu
TVA's great green power
Shoreline Alliance - anot
TVA - how smart is the 's
Tennessean article - "wor
TVA - notorious or notabl
TVA - wasteful spending o
TVA - does it own the new
TVA - "taxation" without
TVA - fixing the unfixabl
TVA nuclear - will it eve
TVA - in the crosshairs a
TVA - parody of Rube Gold
TVA - Green Power Switch
TVA - is the era of big g
TVA receives unaccounted
TVA - the hidden away fed
TVA - the great Green Pow
TVA - not part of possibl
TVA - when is a conferenc
When TVA sells a "block"
When TVA is too big for b
Dr. English's justificati
Declaration of Independen
TVA says, "Hey,it's only
"Congress, tear down this
TVA's outrageous financia
TVA Green Power Switch -
TVA's crazy, illegal sche
Pro TVA media on lockdown
TVA's magical lemonade -
TVA - time to reassess th
TVA - does it turn on pri
Federal agencies' power a
Selling TVA land the hard
TVA watch - standby for l
TVA - how wasteful and fr
TVA ups and downs - every
Ho Ho Ho Christmas not fr
TVA - is the Green Power
TVA then and now
Unionization 101 - No Tha
Is it "1984" all over aga
Is it more important to b
TVA's demise, really?
TVA 40 years latter, colu
TVA bowing to Administrat
TVA's sad legacy
TVA still in deep weeds
TVA - an oddball federal
Nine Points to Sanity
A scenario for the future
TVA - in the cold light o
TVA - enigma of our time
TVA - a smoke and mirrors
Inquiry to the TVA board,
TVA pensioners: don't cou
TVA justification cost $1
TVA - the burden of a fai
TVA - pension debacle, ot
TVA - Declaration of Inde
TVA good example of broke
The need for legal immigr
TVA - a really long celeb
TVA - is solar the answer
Excerpts from Fraud
TVA's summer fraud
TVA - pay up time in Knox
TVA - could TVA follow CV
TVA - a timeline Part 1 (
TVA - yesteryear
TVA - but it's only a $ b
Our Purpose

This introduces an important site where you may find examples of the old cliché "fraud, waste and abuse" in government. Examples are taken from personal experiences and current knowledge of ongoing attempts to rip off the public with underhanded schemes and deceit using taxpayers' money. Some, like GSA, are blatant in their mockery of American taxpayers. But this site is not confined to just one federal agency; as pertinent information is brought to our attention all will be exposed at whatever level of government, state, local or federal. Our Constitution is being eaten away little by little and is subject to being taken over. A line must be drawn to stop that erosion and then to restore it to its rightful place in this Republic. A badly challenged Constitution awaits reparation. 


 The genesis of this website is a blog about the Tennessee Valley Authority started about ten years ago while I lived in Sheffield, Alabama. It was clear much had changed from the time I visited the Shoals area of north Alabama and some years later. The place was a shambles compared with the "shining city on the hill" image before. Attempts to find out what had changed so much in the community uncovered only one answer, TVA. A federal agency, TVA has done so many egregious things it would be easy to fill these pages with their examples alone but others eventually will be added.